Existing Dwellings

drafting plans for existing dwelling house for councilHave you found yourself in the position of needing plans drawn up for an existing home or building? Whether it is to meet council requirements for council building approvals or to satisfy at purchaser when selling a property, Davily Designs drafting services will take care of the drafting requirements for structure at a fixed quoted price to get you back on track and out of trouble.

Have purchased a home without council approvals?

Selling a home and your buyer wont settle without approved plans in place?

fast drafting plans for house to meet council requirementsDavily Designs will be part of the solution, offering:

   – Onsite inspections

   – Full working drawings

   – Fast turnaround

   – Fixed quoted price

Above all, there is no need to panic.  Contact David from Davily Designs drafting service, to discuss the next step and get past the hurdle.

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