How Much Do Drafting Services Cost?

How Much Do Drafting Services Cost?

The question of how much does do drafting services cost is a common one and mostly it’s a simple answer.  For many companies the price for drafting services is generally dependent on the size of the project, so let’s explore a few different types of projects to get a better understanding.  We will also look at the important things you as the client can easily do right from the start to keep your drafting services costs lower and improve your turnaround time for drafting plansHere at Davily Designs we have a tailored approach which is sure to save you money on your drafting services costs.

Drafting Costs for New Designs

For a brand new home design it is a little easier to get a general pricing structure for drafting costs.  Many designers and draftsman estimate their fees as a percentage of the construction price, which can vary as the project develops and usually in the upwards direction, especially when the costs of your inclusions creep in.  Others will perhaps price the drafting costs based on the square meterage of the design, which can be a step better in most cases but again things can quickly add upAlternatively and preferably, you can have a fixed price quote, which is a safer option and will help you keep things on track.

Fixed pricing through Davily Designs will include the initial concept drawings, some revisions and the final working drawings.  When building in South East Queensland, one of the many benefits of Davily Designs is having your draftsman Brisbane based.  Making onsite inspections and face to face meetings easily possible, this can save time on the job from day onePlus having a local draftsman means when revisions and modifications to the design arise as the project progresses, they can be discussed and swiftly made to keep on track with your timeframes.

Depending on the site and/or design of the new home an engineer may be required for a particular component, which could be in addition to the standard pricing.  Generally this is known at the beginning of the project when your design is in the concept stages, and therefore included in your fixed price quote.

Drafting Costs for Renovations, Extensions and Additions

When renovating a property, adding an outdoor living area, a garage or even a granny flat there are a few things to be considered, such as the structural changes to the existing dwelling to facilitate the new additions.

To ensure a seamless finish it is important to spend some time planning in the early stages to incorporate the new with the old.  This is where Davily Designs will be able to give you a free quote and design assessment for your project, right at the beginning to ensure you have all the information you need to take the next step.

As an example, to have a garage addition draw up a draftsman Brisbane based, would start from approximately $1300, dependent of course on the size of the structure, the time frame required and the availability of the existing plans.

Keys To Saving On Your Drafting Costs And Ensuring A Faster Turnaround

how much do drafting services cost?

The consideration of time is the biggest factor when quoting a drafting job, so there are a few things you as the client can put in place to save your draftsman time and therefore you money on your project.   Of course these aren’t essential and your draftsman can help you with all of these, but when looking at the cost of drafting services you will find having thought through these things beforehand will help you in the long run.

New Designs

The first key for new home designs is to have a good idea of not only the size you are looking for, such as four bedroom, two bathrooms, double garage but also a few key design guidelines.  For example, you may already know you want to have 9 foot ceilings throughout your home, or perhaps that you have decided you would like the master bedroom close to the study and near the front of the home, with the remaining bedrooms at the opposite end.  Having a general idea for the size of your lounge room and whether you would like a kitchen with an island breakfast bar or a U-shaped bench.

These seemingly small components of the design are all relevant keys in setting the basic design of your home and as such, the basis of the design for your draftsman to begin from.  Most clients who are wanting a unique design already have these ideas and much more details sketched out or with a picture in mind, ready to come to life.

Renovations, Additions & Extensions

Similar to new designs, having an idea of the objective of the project is important.  For example knowing how much space you would like to add to the property, the basic position of where you would like the structure to connect.

The key with renovations and additions is to ensure the existing structure doesn’t limit the function or visual aesthetics of the new components as well as making sure the new compliments the old for a streamlined finish.  This is a specialty here at Davily Designs, re-purposing or re-configuring space can be an art form and an incredible transformation when done right.

Existing Dwellings

When you are in need of plans drawn up for an existing dwelling, say for council, your draftsman will need to measure the property up.  So a time will need be made during daylight hours to measure both inside and outside the property.  The key here is to ensure that when the draftsman comes to measure up, they are able to have clear access to measure all the internal and external walls of the home Time can be a factor here, so the less time it takes to do this the faster you will get your plans back and your project closer to the finish line.

One of the benefits of finding a great draftsman Brisbane based is onsite inspections, which can save time on the job from day one and in turn save you money.

how much do drafting services cost?All Davily Designs drafting jobs are quoted in writing to you, so you know exactly what to expect.  Our clients will attest to the fact that we deliver a quality service but we also make the process a pleasant one.  Here at Davily Designs we believe that designing your home should be where the excitement begins.

Let us know which kind of project you are starting and we are happy to have a chat and see how we can help – click here.